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SearchMyDiscs is a CD/DVD cataloging program, which allows you to create and maintain your own disk database. Today, people everywhere own hundreds and even thousands CD and DVD data disks. How can you find the information you want without endlessly inserting and ejecting disks?

SearchMyDiscs is a handy software application that helps folks with large CD and DVD collections catalog their disks and quickly find the disk containing a needed file, photograph, music track or movie clip. If you are tired of having to search through dozens of disks every time you need some information - this disk cataloging program is for you!


With SearchMyDiscs CD/DVD Database Program You Are Able to:

  • Easily organize and catalog your CD and DVD disks with software, photos, MP3 music, video, and other data
  • Search files on disks fast
  • Find the disks with needed file in seconds
  • Find duplicated files on disks
  • Watch and search photos by image thumbnails and EXIF tags (RAW files supported)
  • Browse your CD/DVD collection without inserting disks into computer
  • Save advanced reports on search results and disk contents (view a sample of CD/DVD database report)

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Version: 4.43

Interface languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Hungarian, Danish, Turkish, Norwegian, Swedish, Portuguese, Brazilian, Bulgarian


Why SearchMyDiscs? Program's Benefits:

Disk cataloger and CD/DVD database screenshot 1. Our disk cataloging program is easy to use!

2. Our technology allows the same disk to belong to different thematic groups simultaneously, making browsing and the information search in large disk collections much easier.

3. The search engine is very fast and flexible. Search photos by EXIF tag and files by descriptions.

4. The program exports file lists from several disks into advanced HTML report, which allows other people exploring contents of your disks.

5. The program allows you to create and maintain a tree-like catalog of files and folders from different disks grouped in categories.

6. SearchMyDiscs scans disks and makes image thumbnails very fast (even from DVD disks, full of photos), so you are able to create your disk database in a short time. Video thumbnails are also supported.

7. Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 supported.


Success Stories:

Daniella, Photographer:
"The more I use this program the more I like it :). This is useful for me not only for cataloging my collection, but also to search for what I have a backup of and what I don't. It is a 29$ well spent and worth every bit of it, even more."

Mark Mattson, Editor:
"The tech support for this product is fantastic. They respond in a VERY timely and positive manner, showing they care much about the products they develop and sell. A welcome change from the often-time slow and plodding responses from other vendors."

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SearchMyDiscs Reviews

April 19, 2017
Hey! We are almost not updating the program but you can order licenses if you need the program. The project is not dead and the latest version of SMD is 4.43.

April 16, 2014
A little bugfix is uploaded.

January 11, 2011
SearchMyDiscs 4.4 released. Added the Blu-Ray disk support.

May 28, 2010
SearchMyDiscs 4.3 released. Added an option that allows configuring the CD/DVD drive letter list.

March 23, 2010
SearchMyDiscs 4.2 released. Updated MSdcRAW.dll for scanning RAW files. Added support for lossless sound files APE, FLAC, and CUE.

November 30, 2009
SearchMyDiscs 4.1 released. Added searching photos by EXIF tags. Added getting additional EXIF tags.

April 1, 2009
SearchMyDiscs 4.0 released. Added new and powerful report generator. New features: Better looking tables and reports; Detailed preview window; Exporting to the PDF, DOC, XLS, HTML, CSV, JPG, BMP, GIF file formats. Added creating reports on the file catalog.

July 7, 2008
SearchMyDiscs 3.7 released. Added support for multiple scans of the same folders (you can select whether you want to refresh a folder's content or to create a new copy of the folder). Added importing folders with the same paths. Now you can create a database of local disks (and removable disks) of all your computers and search files in the database. Updated MSdcRAW.dll for scanning RAW files. Added support for new digital cameras.

May 5, 2008
SearchMyDiscs 3.61 released. Added automatic rotation of photo thumbnails according to EXIF data and FreeDB support for scanning mixed-mode CD disks (data+audio).

October 26, 2007
SearchMyDiscs 3.5 released. Added batch files tagging. Added support for read-only databases. Now you can open databases stored on CD/DVD disks or network servers. Improved Windows Vista compatibility.

August 16, 2007
SearchMyDiscs 3.4 released. Added getting thumbnails from video files (avi, vob, wmv, etc.). Added support for DNG digital photograph raw files. Added ability to include file descriptions to reports. Added saving IPTC comments for digital photographs. Added support for the "descript.ion" files. Added ability to add disk cover images. Added support for removable drives (Zip, Jazz, USB drives, etc.). Added new languages: Swedish, Bulgarian, Brazilian Portuguese.

May 17, 2007
New article: Search photos by EXIF tags

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